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Name of Object:

Koran page


Copenhagen, Denmark

Holding Museum:

The David Collection

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Date of Object:

Hegira 1st half of the 1th century / AD 2nd half of the 7th century

Museum Inventory Number:

Inv.no. 86/2003

Period / Dynasty:

Early Islamic period


Hijaz Province, the Arabian Peninsula, or Syria


This leaf is from one of the oldest extant copies of the Koran. It is a palimpsest: the original text was scraped off and a new one was written on the parchment. The original text reemerged and can be read as a shadow under the later one. Both are transcripts of the Koran’s sura 2, “The Cow.”
Both texts were written in Hijazi, the earliest Arabic script used for Korans.

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Early Islamic period

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