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Name of Object:

Tile panel


Copenhagen, Denmark

Holding Museum:

The David Collection

About The David Collection, Copenhagen

Date of Object:

Hegira c. 950 / AD c. 1540

Museum Inventory Number:

Inv.no. Isl 162

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Fritware, painted in blue, turquoise, and moss green under a transparent glaze

Period / Dynasty:



Turkey, Iznik


Changes were made in the decoration on Iznik ceramics in around 1540. The very dense patterns of the Baba Nakkas and tughrakes styles were replaced by a style in which plants dominated. The palette was also expanded with moss green and manganese.
These tiles with hyacinths, tulips, and cherry branches were designed so that at least two are needed for the motif to be complete.

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