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Name of Object:

Anthology of Persian Poetry


Dublin, Ireland

Holding Museum:

The Chester Beatty Library

About The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin

Date of Object:

Hegira 853 / AD 1449

Museum Inventory Number:

CBL Per 127

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Coloured pigments and gold on paper


21.2 x 7.7 cm

Period / Dynasty:





Manuscripts of this particular format are known by the term safina, a Persian word meaning ‘boat’ and an apparent reference to their long and narrow, boat-like shape. Safinas were presumably designed to be carried in the pocket, and most are anthologies of verse, as is this one. Safinas were especially popular in fifteenth-century Iran, during the reign of the Timurid dynasty. The three paintings included here illustrate Firdausi’s Shahnama (‘Book of Kings’) and Nizami’s Layla and Majnun. The margins of most pages of the manuscript are decorated with stencilled patterns.

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