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Name of Object:

Panj Ganj (‘Five Treasures’) of Jami


Dublin, Ireland

Holding Museum:

The Chester Beatty Library

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Date of Object:

Text: Hegira early 10th century / AD early 16th century; painting and illumination: Hegira c. 1011–12 / AD 1603

Museum Inventory Number:

CBL In 20

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Coloured pigments and gold on paper


32.4 x 20.7 cm

Period / Dynasty:

Timurid and Mughal




The Panj Ganj (‘Five Treasures’) is a collection of five poems written by the Persian poet ‘Abd al-Rahman Jami‘ (d. AD 1492). The manuscript was produced in Iran but was not finished until it ended up in India, in the possession of ‘Abd al-Rahim, commander-in-chief of the Mughal army for both Akbar and Jahangir. The specific manner in which the text has been laid out results in three small triangular spaces on each page. ‘Abd al-Rahim’s artists completed the decoration of the manuscript by filling these spaces with decoration, usually figures of animals and birds (several examples from various folios are included here). They also added new, boldly decorated margins to each folio and added a painting on the final, colophon page of the manuscript.

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