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Name of Object:

Incense burner


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Holding Museum:

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

About Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Date of Object:

c. Hegira 600-700 / c. AD 1200-1300

Museum Inventory Number:


Material(s) / Technique(s):

Cast and engraved copper alloy


29 x 30cm

Period / Dynasty:



This bronze incense burner was cast in the form of a standing lion. It has a relatively small catlike head, and a richly engraved body. The body is made hollow and perforated for the scented smoke to escape. A drawer can be found at the front part of the body to place the charcoal. The rich openwork decoration shows interlaced bands that form rosette motifs. The lion is cast to lean slightly backward while all four legs are placed on the ground. This position gives strong appearance to the object, implying power and pride. The tail, which is long, was cast separately. The use of zoomorphic objects as incense burner is one of the familiar design applied in the metalwork art. This type of art object is generally assigned to northeast Iranian workshops, which was a trend throughout the 12th century AD.

How Object was obtained:

Purchased from Emanouelk Gallery, 64 South Audley Street. Prior to that with the Solati Family, 1977

Selected bibliography:

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, Al-Quran: The Sacred Art of Revelation, Kuala Lumpur: IAMM Publications, 2004: 36-39. Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, IAMM Guide Book, Kuala Lumpur: IAMM Publications, 2014: 33.

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