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Name of Object:

A leaf from the Siyar-i-Nabi


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Holding Museum:

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

About Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Date of Object:

c. Hegira 1000 / c. AD 1600

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Material(s) / Technique(s):

Gouache heightened with gold on paper


37.2 x 26.6cm

Period / Dynasty:





In 1376 AD, the Mamluk Sultan of Egypt and Syria celebrated his coming to power by commissioning the compilation and translation of the history of Prophet Muhammad. Sultan Barquq ordered the renowned Mustafa ibn Yusuf ibn Umar al-Mevlevi al-Erzumi to author the history of the Prophet known as Siyar-i Nabi. Two hundred years later, in AD 1594-95, the celebrated text was copied by the royal scribe Mustafa ibn Vali in Istanbul. The manuscript was a royal commission where in every other page the scribe would leave space for miniature. The completed six volumes depicting 814 miniatures were later presented to the Ottoman Sultan Murad II. In this leaf, the illustration shows a group of visitors in awe, when they saw the house of a humble pious boy, who has the utmost respect and affection to the Prophet Muhammad (saw), has turned into a palace as a divine gift.

How provenance was established:

- Commissioned by the Ottoman Sultan Murad III in 1594;

- In the possession of Princess Se'adetlu Bash-Rukhshah-Qadin Hazretleri in 1753;

- In the possession of Major R.G. Gayer-Anderson.

Selected bibliography:

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