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Mina´i painted bowl


Doha, Qatar

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Museum of Islamic Art

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Hegira 6th-7th century / AD late 12th-early 13th century

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Kashan, Iran


Figurative decoration on Iranian pottery of the 12th and 13th centuries reflects a contemporary tradition of mural and manuscript painting, of which very little survives. The repertoire of mina´i ware sometimes includes recognizable episodes from the epic Shahnama, and it is possible that the scene depicted on this bowl shows just such a one: the ruler Bahram Chubina is presented with the head of a general, Ayin Ghashap, who was sent to oppose him. The head is being held by the soldier who had murdered the general. However, the soldier greatly misjudged the ruler; Bahram had great respect for Ayin Ghashap and had the soldier hanged.

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