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Name of Object:

Glass bowl


New York, United States of America

Holding Museum:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Date of Object:

Hegira mid-4th–early 5th century / AD late 10th–early 11th century

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Material(s) / Technique(s):

Glass, bluish; blown, stained

Period / Dynasty:



Probably Egypt


The shape, size, and decoration of this bowl demonstrate an affinity between lustre‑painted glass and ceramic lustreware, as the division of its walls into panels and the use of stylised palmette‑tree motifs also frequently appear on ceramic lustre‑painted bowls made in Fatimid Egypt. The Arabic inscription around the rim of this bowl, painted in a highly stylised angular kufic script, has not yet been deciphered.

Additional Copyright Information:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Purchase, Rogers Fund and Gifts of Richard S. Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wrightsman, Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Seley, Walter D. Binger, Margaret Mushekian, Mrs. Mildred T. Keally, Hess Foundation, Mehdi Mahboubian and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Westcott, 1974

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