Name of Object:

Small jug


Constantine, Algeria

Holding Museum:

National Museum of Cirta

About National Museum of Cirta, Constantine

Date of Object:

Hegira 5th–6th century / AD 11th–12th century

Museum Inventory Number:

4H Ce 44

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Varnished ceramic.


Height 21 cm, diameter of the belly 18 cm

Period / Dynasty:

Hammadid (?)


Tiddis (Constantine), Algeria.


This small jug, with a small circular base, a bulging belly, low neck and large opening, is composed of several pieces glued back together, with one piece missing from the neck. The handle that links the belly and the neck is surmounted by a thumb-piece that halps to lift the receptacle. The clay paste is covered by cream-coloured slip, which is visible on the inside and outside of the lower half and on the base. Horizontal grooves in relief can be seen on the belly, under the neck and on the inside. One part of the jug is varnished in green. The lower part and base remain bare.
Given the dimensions of the jug, one supposes that it served as a kitchen utensil, used to hold milk and whey.

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This small, ring-base jug with a rounded belly, short neck and wide opening has been restored. The handle is fitted with a thumb hold. The clay was covered with a cream engobe (slip) that is still visible in places. It is decorated with horizontal grooves in relief. Part of the jug has a green glaze.

How date and origin were established:

The jug was brought to light from the Muslim stratigraphic layer of Tiddis (Constantine); furthermore, formal characteristics (green glaze, handle with thumb-piece) very closely resemble those of Hammadid ceramic of the Qal'at Bani Hammad.

How provenance was established:

According to the museum archives it was found in the archaeological site of Tiddis.

Selected bibliography:

Berthier, A., Tiddis antique, castellum tidditanorum, Algiers, 1951.
Institut du Monde Arabe, L'Algérie en héritage, art et histoire, catalogue, Paris, 2003.

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