Arabic Calligraphy
The Holy Qur’an
‘Verses referring to Old Testament prophets appeared in books dedicated to individual prophets.’
The importance given to the proper reading and verbal recitation of the Qur’an prompted the addition of supplements that included explanatory notes on the meaning of particular verses and guidelines for their proper recitation. These notes were either written within the outer margins of the page or added as a supplement at the end of the volume. While appropriate extracts from the Qur’an were combined with selected prayers and prophetic quotes from the Hadith (‘Sayings of the Prophet’), and published in separate books and pamphlets for use in prayers and supplications, verses referring to Old Testament prophets appeared in highly decorated and illustrated story books that were dedicated to individual prophets.
Half of the Holy Qur'an

Hegira 8th–9th century / AD 14th–15th century
National Museum of Damascus
Damascus, Syria
Surrounding the main text there are marginal notes scripted in blue, red and black ink; these guide the reader on vocal recitation, interpretation and grammar.