Mudéjar Professions
'Mudéjar potters mastered the art of glazing and brought it to Medieval Europe.'
Mudéjar potters brought to Medieval Europe the latest advances in glazing technology, with simple lead or transparent glazes, tin or opaque-white glazes, and finally lustre glazes, which sealed the ceramic and afforded it the beauty desired. Ceramics were produced throughout the peninsula, but the glazed and painted ceramics from the potteries of Paterna and Teruel and the gilded ceramics from Manises were the most keenly sought after and commonly exported.

Hegira 8th century / AD 14th century
Mudéjar / Nasrid
Burrell Collection, Glasgow Museums
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Painted and glazed ceramics were produced by adding pigment by means of ultra heat-resistant metal oxides on top of a layer of tin glaze.