Mudéjar Civic and Aristocratic Art
New Mudéjar palaces
In places where there were no Muslim palaces to occupy, the Christian kings and noblemen erected new palaces in their image. The King of Castile, Pedro I, is the best example of the Christian aristocracy's taste for Islamicised ways of life and the settings for them. The palaces at Tordesillas and Astudillo reflect the king's desire to build them in the style of contemporary Nasrid buildings, which may have been achieved with the help of craftsmen sent from Granada by his friend King Muhammad V.
Palace of Pedro I, now the Convent of Santa Clara

Tordesillas, Valladolid, Spain
The palaces at Astudillo and Tordesillas are examples of early civic Mudéjar architecture: masonry façades on adobe walls, ashlar corners and lobed windows; multicoloured wooden ceilings and plasterwork friezes in their interiors.