Mudéjar Civic and Aristocratic Art
Mudéjar civic buildings
The aristocracy as a whole was attracted to the comfort and luxury of Muslim palaces, prompting them to build and decorate their homes in the new fashion, which had become a symbol of a certain social standing. Admiration of the lifestyle encouraged many to copy the typical Andalusian residence, covering walls with tall, tiled skirting boards, making more extensive use of wooden ceilings and decorating plasterwork with geometric, plant and epigraphic motifs typical of Islamic art, combined with coats of arms and inscriptions in Gothic script. Preference for this style also extended to other types of civic buildings such as universities.
The Moor's Workshop

Toledo, Spain
This building, known as the Moor's Workshop, was built in the style of an Andalusian dwelling with a central rectangular room and two square bedrooms at either end.