The Popular and Religious Mudéjar Style
Mudéjar art in Toledo: the elegance of the brick Gothic style.
The Mudéjar style evident in Toledo shows the influence of the Castilian Mudéjar style in its blind, brick arcades, alongside elements of Almohad and European Gothic art, which are also influential in Mudéjar art in Extremadura. Its defining traits include walls constructed of alternating brick and masonry, façades with friezes of interlinked arches, apertures with framed horseshoe arches, and brick-built bell towers erected on top of masonry cubes sited away from the church as if they were minarets.
Church of Santiago del Arrabal

Toledo, Spain
The Mudéjar style, which is particularly suited to interior decoration, borrowed from Gothic art the elegance of its graceful proportions and its pointed arches. The upshot was a new backdrop to religious life.