The Muslim West
Jewellery: Wealth, Prestige and Protection
Wedding gifts
In the Muslim West during the Middle Ages, it was customary for the groom to give the bride a wedding gift consisting of jewellery, clothes and cosmetics so that she could present herself appropriately for the marriage celebrations, which would last for several days. The bride's father would also lend her jewellery to wear in public which she returned to him after the wedding was over.
The wedding would begin with the women of the family visiting the bride, who would have had her hair and clothes prepared especially for the occasion. The bride would wear as much jewellery as the economic position of her groom and her family would allow. She would receive the congratulations of her visitors impassively seated on a throne or positioned in the place of honour.

Hegira 524–668 / AD 1130–1269 or Hegira 627–982 / AD 1229–1574
Almohad or Hafsid
National Museum of Setif
Setif, Algeria
Muslim women from powerful families adorned themselves with colourful, brilliant, decorative and elaborate jewellery.