The Muslim West
Jewellery: Wealth, Prestige and Protection
A woman's inalienable property
Muslim women used jewellery throughout their lives: as children, they wore prophylactic jewellery to protect them against the evil eye; once they were engaged they would be given family jewels by their parents, along with a dowry. Marriage was a further opportunity for women to amass jewellery. The groom would give his bride jewellery as a gift, so that on the day of her wedding the bride would appear in the place of honour with her most beautiful adornments.
This, and other jewellery acquired subsequently, constituted a woman's inalienable property.
Pair of fibulae

Hegira 13th century / AD 19th century
Museum of the Udayas
Rabat, Morocco
The jewellery worn by women from the ruling classes included brooches, belts and other adornments made from precious metals worked with filigree and granular decoration and set with precious stones.