The Muslim West
Funerary Steles: Memorials in Stone
Funerary spaces: necropolises.
Taking the deceased to their final resting place is a simple and unceremonious affair in the Muslim West. Muslim cemeteries are found outside towns, but near enough to enable friends and relatives to visit. Family graves are often visited before Friday prayers and verses from the Qur'an are read. The only exception is for members of the royal family who are buried within the palace complex. In all cases, the dead are buried face up on their right side facing Mecca.
Challa Necropolis

Hegira 7th–8th centuries / AD 13th–14th centuries
Rabat, Morocco
Although Islam preaches equality among believers in death, funerary steles exalting the deceased, and mausoleums containing the remains of members of the royal families, are fairly commonplace.