The Normans in Sicily
Islamicised Communities Before and After the Norman Conquest
'There is very little material evidence of Islamic rule in Sicily, consisting mainly of masonry remains.'
There is very little material evidence of the period of Islamic rule in Sicily, this term being understood to cover both the time the entire island was governed by the Kalbid amirs (who were Fatimid subjects) and the Norman conquest, during which a few areas remained in the hands of the Muslims for a limited time. In architecture, this evidence often consists of masonry remains of mosques and fortresses, usually incorporated into later structures.
Remains of the Great Mosque in Palermo inside the Chapel of the Incoronata

Hegira 3rd century / AD 9th century
Palermo, Italy
A number of architectural elements, possibly from an Aghlabid mosque, provide evidence of the re-use of Islamic buildings, or parts of them, in churches.