The Atabegs and Ayyubids
Court Life
‘Badr al-Din Lu’lu’ took a great interest in inlaid metalwork.’
Another example of luxury objects being employed to ease diplomatic relations is at the court of Badr al-Din Lu’lu’, an Armenian convert to Islam. He was a Zangid vizier, and then an independent ruler of Mosul in Northern Iraq from 615–57 / 1218–59. Badr al-Din Lu’lu’ took a great interest in inlaid metalwork. A number of brass vessels inlaid with gold and silver and bearing his name survive. These valuable vessels were probably used as a replacement for gold and the fact that Lu’lu’ has included his name on them is testimony to their function as ambassadorial gifts.
Brass box

Hegira 631–57 / AD 1233–59
Atabeg / Ayyubid
The British Museum
London, England, United Kingdom
The Inlaid metalwork that was so admired by Lu'lu' is exemplified by this object, one of five extant inlaid brass objects bearing his name.