The Atabegs and Ayyubids
Religious Life
‘The Salihiyya quarter in Damascus was a nucleus of anti-Crusader propaganda.’
Numerous Muslim immigrants seeking religious knowledge and piety, not to mention jihad (holy war), were attracted to Syria, particularly Aleppo and Damascus. The Salihiyya quarter in Damascus, for example, was a nucleus of anti-Crusader propaganda and the residence of the Banu Qudama, religious scholars of Palestinian origin who played a crucial role in Saladin’s victory over the Crusaders in the decisive Battle of Hattin (583 / 1187).
Pieces from the Nur al-Din Zangi minbar

Construction of the minbar began in hegira 564 / AD 1169, and was completed in AH 570 / AD 1174
Islamic Museum, al-Aqsa Mosque / al-Haram al-Sharif
The attacks by the Crusaders put a new emphasis on jihad, a sentiment expressed in the phrases carved on Nur al-Din's minbar.