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‘Mamluk Egypt was renowned for textiles such as woven silks and printed cottons.’
Glassware became one of the most renowned achievements of Mamluk art, with the mosque lamp forming a significant part of glassware production. Mamluk Egypt became renowned for the production and export of textiles such as woven silks and printed cottons. Pottery workshops generated a vibrant and attractive range of quality wares, some specifically designed to imitate Chinese celadon and blue-and-white wares, and woodworkers enhanced architectural fittings, furnishings and even cenotaphs with intricately carved, and inlaid geometric-star designs.
Mosque lamp

Later than Hegira 23 Muharram 721 / AD 21 February 1321
Calouste Gulbenkian Museum
Lisbon, Portugal
Mamluk glass lamps have a tall, flaring neck, squat bulbous body and a pedestal foot. Most are of clear enamelled glass.