Official Patronage
‘Umayyad palaces, known as ‘desert castles’ have received widespread interest.’
Umayyad palaces, known as ‘desert castles’ such as the palace at Minya, have received widespread interest. The location of some of these monuments on extensive and well-irrigated land suggests also that they were centres of agricultural enterprise. Some researchers have also suggested that they were built to maintain close contact with the local Arab tribes, who were strong supporters of the Umayyad Dynasty.
Qasr al-Hallabat

Hegira, first third of the 2nd century / AD first half of the 8th century
Wadi al-Dhlayl, Jordan
Originally a pre-Islamic fortress, Qasr al-Hallabat was converted into a luxurious palace complex by order of the caliph Yazid I (r. 60–64 / 680–3).