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Name of Object:

Embroidered Safavid coat


Vienna, Austria

Holding Museum:

MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art

 About MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Vienna

Date of Object:

c. 1600

Museum Inventory Number:

T 4734

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Silk, linen, cotton; Embroidery

Period / Dynasty:





The voluminous men’s coat reaching half way down the thighs is embroidered with a pattern of figures, cypresses, blossoming trees and small ponds. Enthroned men under baldachins are each flanked by a guard with bow and arrow and a woman carrying a peacock. Comparable motifs on textiles and in sixteenth-century miniatures show that the elaborately designed type of garment was widespread. Similar exquisite articles of clothing served as gifts of the rulers to their retinue and were usually not intended for daily use.

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