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Name of Object:

Niche of al-Uweyna Mosque


Muscat, Oman

Holding Museum:

National Museum Oman

About National Museum Oman, Muscat

Date of Object:

970 AH / 1562 AD

Artist(s) / Craftsperson(s):

Talib bin Mushmil al-Manahi

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Material(s) / Technique(s):



Height: 350cm, Width: 280cm

Period / Dynasty:



Saih al-Hail village (ash-Sharqiyah North Governorate)


The 10th century AH/16th century AD is considered the richest period for production of mihrabs (mosque niches), known for the work of masters like Abdullah bin Qasim al-Manahi and the family of Mushmil al-Manahi who lived during this time. Talib bin Mushmil al-Manahi, who built the niches of the Grand Mosque in Nakhl and as-Saruj Mosque in Samail, also made the niche of al-Uweyna Mosque in 970 AH/1562 AD. The niche on display is covered with geometrical decorations, fine inscriptions, quotes from the Holy Qur'an and inscriptions documenting the names of the builder, designer and the patron.

The Islamic ash-shahadatan (Declaration of Faith) is written in kufic inscription at the upper part of the niche and the outer rectangular frame contains 30 seals with floral decoration. The niche itself sits in the cove of the inner frame with a rectangular shape above it baring inscriptions in two triangles and three plates of glazed Chinese pottery in the centre.

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