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Name of Object:

Pen box


Doha, Qatar

Holding Museum:

Museum of Islamic Art

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Date of Object:

Hegira 660-682 / AD 1262-1284

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Material(s) / Technique(s):

Brass, Gold, Silver; Inlaid


Height: 4cm, Width: 19.8cm, Depth: 4.6cm

Period / Dynasty:



West Iran


This lavishly decorated pencase is of tremendous historical significance. The inscription states that this item was made to be presented by the Ilkhanid ruler to his vizier, Shams al-Din Juvaini, following an established Persian tradition. It was probably presented to the vizier by Tegüder Ahmed, the first muslim Ilkhanid ruler; however, he was overthrown and replaced by a more anti-Islamic ruler, who had Juvaini, a high-ranking muslim at the Ilkhanid court, executed.

Selected bibliography:

Al Khemir, Sabiha, From Cordoba To Samarqand, Masterpieces from the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Milan: Musée du Louvre Editions, 2006.

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