Arabic Calligraphy
Kufic Script
Kufic script is considered to be one of the most widespread styles of Arabic calligraphy across the Islamic world.’
Kufic script is considered to be the most widely used calligraphic style in the Islamic world, practiced in Spain in the West, to Uzbekistan in the East. It is considered to be the earliest Arabic script, dominating calligraphy during the first two centuries of Islam. It was eventually superseded by other styles, including naskhi and Maghrebi, although none of these new styles reached the imperial level held by kufic script.
Ceramic bowl

Hegira 6th century / AD 12th century
Almoravid or Almohad
Museum of Mértola
Mértola, Beja, Portugal
The word 'barakah' – blessings or bounty – appears in the centre of this bowl written in kufic script.