The Muslim West
Science and Knowledge
Applied sciences
Research into and knowledge of theoretical and applied sciences was actively encouraged in the Muslim West, with the latter disciplines during the time of the caliphate of Córdoba notably including medicine, surgery, pharmacopoeia and veterinary science, and producing some exceptional individuals, such as Abu al-Qasim and Ibn Baytar, both of whom wrote encyclopaedias.
Manuscript from the medical treatise Kitab al-tasrîf liman ajaza an al-talîf fi al-tibb by Abu al-Qasim Khalaf ibn 'Abbas al-Andalusi al-Zahrawi

Hegira 610–9 / AD 1213–23
General Library
Rabat, Morocco
Abu al-Qasim wrote a monumental medico-surgical encyclopaedia that became an essential text in North African madrasas, and a classic medical text once it had been translated into Latin, Hebrew and Provençal.