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Name of Object:

Woman’s robe (entari)


Bucharest, Romania

Holding Museum:

The National Museum of Art of Romania

 About The National Museum of Art of Romania, Bucharest

Date of Object:

Hegira late 12th – early 13th century / AD late 18th century

Museum Inventory Number:

76645 / 909

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Wool embroidered with silk, silver-gilt thread and strips, sequins


Height: 140cm

Period / Dynasty:





Traditional Ottoman clothing was designed to conceal the figure, which explains the use of several superimposed garments. On the other hand, these multiple layers emphasized the great variety of fabrics, the striking colour contrasts, and the rich texture of the embroidered pieces. The entari is typical for the Ottoman female dress: ankle-length or shorter, generally open down the front, it has long, narrow sleeves slit at the elbow to reveal the embroidered areas, as well as the colours and decoration on the sleeves of the garment underneath. Dense silk embroidery covers the entire surface of this entari. The floral patterns and the architectural details are stylistically similar to the rich decoration on certain embroideries of daily use dating from the same period.

How date and origin were established:

Stylistic analysis

How Object was obtained:

Purchased by the Museum in 1970.

How provenance was established:

Stylistic analysis

Selected bibliography:

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