Museum of Jordanian Heritage

Irbid, Jordan

This museum is located in the Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology at Yarmouk University; it was founded in 1984 and officially opened in 1988.

The main gallery consists of four rooms: the first room (Hunting and Gathering) deals with Jordan’s prehistory; the second (City State) focuses on the Bronze Ages, illustrated through graphics and drawings; the third room (East and West) deals with the history of material culture in the Hellenic, Roman and Byzantine periods; and the fourth room concentrates on Jordan in the Islamic periods. The second floor has special topics related to the history of technology, rural life and folklore. A new gallery of numismatics was added to the museum in 2002.

Irbid, Jordan
T +962 2 7211111-4465
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Dr.Lamia El-Khouri
T +962 2 721111/4465
F +962 79 6969129 (mobile)

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