University Museum of Islamic Art | The Bumiller Collection

Bamberg, Germany

The worldwide largest collection of early Islamic bronzes is housed in a historical town-house in the heart of the old city of Bamberg. The objects mostly originate from the Persianate world what is today Iran, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. The collection is completed by a significant number of ceramics, glass and ivory objects as well as numismatics and manuscripts. The many-sided compilation includes nearly all objects of daily life. Writing equipment, cosmetic utensils, jugs, bowls, trays, fumigating vessels, oil lamps, jewellery, mirrors and the like give a fascinating insight into the world of oriental life in the Middle Ages. The exhibition shows the development of forms as well as the high standard of metallurgy mastered by medieval craftsmen along the Silk Road. The most ambitious décor and production techniques such as repoussé, punching, engraving and damascening that Islamic art put forth during the centuries are represented among the objects of the collection.

It is the Bumiller Art Foundation's concern to present most diverse products of Islamic metallurgy and to make them available for research and learning. The museum continuously serves as a venue for researchers, students and all those interested in Islamic art.

Austraße 29
96047 Bamberg
T +49 951 25954

Dr. Verena Daiber
T +49 179 2038615

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