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London, England, United Kingdom

Holding Museum:

Victoria and Albert Museum

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Date of Object:

About hegira 951–56 / AD 1545–50

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Material(s) / Technique(s):

Painted and glazed ceramic.


Height 26.8 cm, diameter 43.1 cm

Period / Dynasty:



Iznik, Turkey.


A large bowl on a high foot, decorated with underglaze painting. On the exterior, flowers and leaves in shades of blue and sage-green meander with relative freedom about the surface. The largest flowers feature a distinct cloud-band motif at their centre. Similar flower and leaf motifs, more regularly organised, adorn the foot, at whose base is a thin band of repeating cartouches containing four leaves each. The extraordinary size of this bowl, as well as the skill with which it is decorated, suggests production for the highest levels of the Ottoman hierarchy, although direct evidence for this is lacking.

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A very large footed bowl on a high foot, decorated with large leaves and flowers in blue and sage-green. The size and quality of this bowl suggests that it was made for a high-ranking Ottoman official, possibly for washing the feet during ablutions.

How date and origin were established:

The style and details of the decoration link this bowl with a group of wares associated with the circle of an artist named Musli, who signed a mosque lamp dated 956 / 1549.

How Object was obtained:

Bequest of George Salting, 1910.

How provenance was established:

Iznik was the centre of quality ceramic production in this period.

Selected bibliography:

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